The project Teaching Institutional Resilience and Prompt Reaction to Crisis: Good Governance Experiences in Europe (TERRAGOV), contributes to knowledge creation of good governance. It educates participants on the optimal ways to build institutional resilience through collaboration of both public and private actors in society. The project brings a new approach to participation of students as future actors at the national level, European and global business ecosystem. That is aligned with the goals of the Bologna Agenda (BA), to improve quality and relevance of higher education by providing necessary resources and skills. The quest for good governance and institutional resilience is no longer a prerequisite of some countries, but of all, and as such, the more inclusive and international the project, the more widely applicable can its concepts become. In this project the partnering Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) provide a uniquely diverse perspective on the institutional context. With both new and old EU member states, both Nordic and Southern European countries, the TERRAGOV project aims to foster academic internationalization, while identifying common elements of institutional design and practice. By bridging different national experiences, the project team will create teaching deliverables that offer common solutions to contemporary common problems.